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Electrical Automation Control in Cumbria

At System Hydraulics Ltd, we are highly specialised in electrical automation control in Cumbria. Using the latest equipment and the best components, we build our equipment from scratch.

Customised Systems

Here at System Hydraulics Ltd, we can cater to any of your electrical automation needs. Our talented professionals can design, install, repair and maintain electrical automation control systems. Using our skills and expertise, we can help streamline and speed up your machinery.

Whether you already have a system or require a design consultation, our team can discuss what efficient production means for your business. Electric automation control helps to increase running rates and decrease costs by supplying machines that don’t require staff. A machine can produce approximately 7x the number of materials compared to a human.

To ensure we customise to your needs, we will conduct an assessment. This may include visiting your premises. We then work to design top-of-the-range intelligent and innovative solutions that are collaborative with you.

We also offer a 24-hour call-out service for your maintenance needs.



Fix & Maintain


Utilising The Latest Technology To Benefit You

With years of industry experience, System Hydraulics Ltd uses the latest technology to develop an efficient, stress-free operation. From start to finish, we are capable of designing a full hydraulics system. In addition to this, we are the leading hydraulics team in the UK.

For more information about our hydraulic components, call System Hydraulics Ltd in Cumbria on 01228 511444.

PLC Control

In addition to electrical automation control, we also specialise in PLC control. PLC is a programmable logic controller. It is a digital computer that controls the electrical automation process and monitors the state of various factors. Additionally, it makes logic-based decisions to control the outputs. At System Hydraulics Ltd, our team is dedicated to working with our clients to develop a product that suits you.

Our expert engineers will design and build the programmable controller panels to your requirements. We can come up with a panel design that offers you the right results.

Contact System Hydraulics Ltd

For further information about our electrical automation control solutions, contact System Hydraulics Ltd in Cumbria. Call us on 01228 511444. Alternatively, make an enquiry via our contact form and we’ll be in touch.

Some Of Our Work

With over 28 years in the industry, it’s allowed us to build a loyal and impressive client base. 
You can see some examples of our high-quality work below.

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